Can someone else, such as a parent or friend, consent for me?

No. Only YOU can give your consent.

Is saying “no” the only way to show that I do not consent?

No. You can show by your words OR actions that you do not consent

What if I did not resist because I was too afraid?


Even if you did not resist because you were too afraid, the attacker cannot say that you consented. 

What if I agree to the sexual activity at first, and then I change my mind?

Once you show that you no longer agree to the sexual activity, there is no longer consent. Your consent must be ongoing.

Can a person say that I consented if I was drunk?

No. If you are drinking or high on drugs and unable to make a decision  the law does not consider that you consented.

What if the person thought that I consented?

If the person honestly and reasonably believed he or she had your consent to sexual activity, it may be a defense.

Can my partner force me to into sexual activity without my consent?

No. The police can charge anyone who forces sexual activity on you with sexual assault.

What if I agreed to see someone that I met online?

Just because you agreed to meet someone, does not mean that you consented to sexual activity.

What is the age of consent to sexual activity?

The age of consent in Canada is 16 years.




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